What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure? Discover our five e-guides

Convergence has been the main trend in IT for quite some time already. Convergence brings distributed hardware components back together. It is a trend that is the logical result of the virtualization wave that hit the data center.

Hyperconvergence is the next step in the evolution of converged infrastructure. ‘Hyper’ refers to the hypervisor, the virtual machine manager of a virtualization technology, allowing  multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host. Hyperconvergence adds the virtual infrastructure aspects to the converged infrastructure. The result is one comprehensive system - supported by a single vendor - that contains the whole story: compute, storage, networking and virtualization.

To get you completely familiar with Hyperconverged infrastructure, Econocom and EMC have developed five guides, that each highlight a specific topic.

Discover the guides