Healthcare seminar & networking event 18/06 - The impact of digital. Ready at all levels?

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event date: 18 juni 2019
event place: Econocom BeLux HQ - Zaventem

On June 18, Econocom organizes an in-house ½ day healthcare seminar and networking event. 

Digital technologies are transforming the healthcare sector. Successfully harnessing technology to advance the health mission and efficiency, takes more than digital innovation. It requires to put data, devices, and applications to work.

Today’s challenges for healthcare professionals undeniably turn around:

  • How to define the most attractive patient journey by offering the most user-friendly applications, communication and collaboration solutions?

  • How to turn digital and data into a driver for value and performance for your hospital, for your staff?

  • How to switch to ‘userisation’? How to make sure to see the end user as the starting point for any digital transformation, because users have the power to adopt a technology – or not. Their immediate satisfaction is key to your hospital’s performance.

  • How to ensure high availability and reliability for critical EHR systems, of your foundational infrastructure?

  • How to manage patient records across multiple devices and assure access at any time (cloud based) in a secure way?

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