Sébastien Molendijk, Microsoft's worldwide Partner Seller of the Year

Econocom BeLux is proud to announce that the award of the Microsoft global P-Seller has been won by Sébastien Molendijk.

Sébastien was selected amongst more than 2.800 candidates worldwide.

Microsoft has set-up the P(artner)-Seller program in order to create a community that can access and share information and experience about Microsoft products, solutions and technologies. P-sellers benefit from Microsoft’s support and get input prior to non-P-sellers. The worldwide P-seller award aims to identify the person in the community that best understands and promotes the Microsoft solutions on the market.

Sébastien is 37 years old and joined Econocom on September 1st, 2011 as a technical architect focused on Microsoft solutions and technologies. He’s now technical lead for Microsoft in the Projects & Consulting end-user solutions team next to Pieter Mussche who’s leading Citrix. Sébastien is a passionate person that can transmit the vision of one of the key players in the market today. His talent for addressing innovative and technical challenges when talking to the customer creates lot of opportunities.

For those of you interested in Sebastien’s career path at Econocom, read the post on our career website.

Congratulations Sébastien!