As part of its commercial relations and to achieve customer satisfaction while maintaining the quality of its services, Econocom PSF has implemented a complaints management process.

Responding appropriately to each complaint from its customers is not only a legal obligation imposed on Econocom PSF, but also the desire of Econocom PSF's management to preserve its professional image with its customers.

Econocom PSF is committed to handling complaints of all its customers in an efficient, fair, transparent, and objective manner.

Definition of a complaint

Any complaint, negative remark, criticism, or contestation received officially (letter, registered letter, e-mail) regarding the provision of services provided to any Econocom PSF customer is considered as a complaint.

A request for information or explanations cannot be considered as a complaint.

Complaints procedure

The communication sent by the customer must clearly indicate the subject and the reasons for his complaint or claim, his name, address, direct telephone number and e-mail address.

 It must be officially communicated by letter, registered letter or by e-mail to the customer's usual contact or to Econocom PSF’s management at the following address:


Econocom PSF S.A.

For the attention of the Customer Complaints Manager

2, rue d'Arlon

L-8399 Windhof


Any response communicated to the complainant is systematically signed and at least by the Customer Complaints Manager. In any event, a duly substantiated response, or an acknowledgment of receipt if a response cannot be provided immediately, is sent within 10 working days.

The response is formulated in French or English to the customer and is sent by registered letter.

As far as possible, a solution is provided to the customer within 1 month. If this deadline cannot be achieved, the customer is kept informed monthly of the status of his complaint within Econocom PSF.

Out-of-court resolution procedure from the CSSF

If the complainant has not obtained an answer or a satisfactory answer, he may refer his request to the CSSF within 1 year from the date on which he has communicated his complaint to Econocom PSF.

This procedure facilitates the resolution of complaints against professionals without going through court proceedings; however, it does not, however, consist of a mediation procedure.

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