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Please read these terms and conditions carefully for using this website.
By accessing this website, visiting or using it, you agree with the terms and conditions of use stated below, which you expressly confirm you accept. these terms and conditions of use are subject to modification. If you decline to accept these terms and conditions of use, please do not access this website and do not visit or use it or the information it contains.

1. Definition and general terms and conditions for access
The term “Site” refers to this website, as published by Econocom, as well as the information
contained on the Site. Econocom provides no guarantee as to the use of the information contained
on its Site and, as a consequence, it may not be held liable for any damage arising from using the
Site, or for any errors and omissions in the information provided or for any malfunction in accessing
this information.
This Site also contains links to other sites published by third parties. Econocom has not conducted
any checks on these sites and declines all responsibility regarding the whole of the information
featured on any site that can be accessed using the links featured on this Site. Creating a link to a
third-party site or authorising a third-party website to create a link to this Site does not mean that
Econocom endorses or recommends the products or services offered on this third-party site.

2. Publisher
The publisher of this Site is: ECONOCOM MANAGED SERVICES NV (“Econocom”), Bastion Tower,
Marsveldplein 5 B14 in 1050 Brussels, company n°: 0432 093 428.

3. Content of the Site
The information contained on this Site is provided solely for the purpose of informing the persons
who view it about the various products and/or services or other items offered and/or distributed by

4. Intellectual property rights
The information featured on this Site is protected by intellectual property rights that belong to
Econocom or to which Econocom can lay claim.
This information may only be reproduced and printed by you for you own, strictly personal use and
for non-commercial purposes on condition that you do not remove the notices referring to these
intellectual property rights. You undertake not to disseminate, reproduce or sell this information in
any form or in any way, without the prior formal written consent of Econocom.
The trademarks and logos of the Econocom group featured on this Site are registered trademarks
and logos. Any total or partial reproduction of these trademarks and logos without the prior written
consent of Econocom is prohibited.

5. Data of a personal nature and electronic communication
Reference is made to the Privacy Charter as well as the Cookies Policy available on this Site.

6. Confidentiality
All information passed on to Econocom via this Site will be dealt with and processed in compliance
with the statutory and regulatory provisions in effect in the matter.

7. Applicable law and courts with jurisdiction
Access to the Site, visiting or using this Site and these Terms and Conditions of use are subject to
Belgian law and will be interpreted in accordance with Belgian legislation. Except where the law
designates the court with jurisdiction, any application will be lodged with the Courts in Brussels.

8. Autonomy and modifications
If any provisions in these Terms and Conditions of use are deemed inapplicable, the other provisions
shall remain unchanged and the inapplicable provision(s) will be replaced by an applicable provision,
the spirit of which will be as close as possible to that of the provision deemed inapplicable. This
agreement forms an integral part of each of the other contracts that you have entered into in the
past with Econocom or will enter into in the future.

Econocom has the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of use at any time with immediate
effect and without prior notice.

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