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Atos chooses the consortium formed by Econocom, Onepoint and Butler Industries

Econocom Group has been selected as one of the 110+ companies that make up Euronext Tech Leaders

Atos/Econocom: “Deep down, men can no more do without being led than they can do without eating, drinking or sleeping.” Charles de Gaulle

Q1 2024 revenue growth: 2.6% including 2.4% organic growth

Uitgebreide wervingscampagne is volgende stap in groeistrategie Econocom

Two newcomers on Econocom’s board of directors

Econocom launches ‘Impact’: a digital media outlet that showcases the group’s CSR commitments

2023 revenue and operating margin up and in line with the assumptions of the new strategic plan: One econocom

Econocom Groep lanceert Gather – Pionier in de evolutie van audiovisuele, UC & IT-oplossingen

One digital company