• Jean-Louis Bouchard

    representative of Econocom International BV
    Founding Chairman
    Executive Director

    Jean-Louis Bouchard is the founder of Econocom. He is the group’s Chairman and CEO.

    Jean-Louis Bouchard began his career at IBM in Europe and the US. He laid Econocom’s foundations in 1973 under the name Europe Computer Systèmes (ECS). In 1984, he bought a small American firm called Econocom. He combined ECS’s international subsidiaries into this firm, making Econocom the new company’s name.

    The magazine Challenges named Jean-Louis Bouchard ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 1987. He quickly spotted how IT would change the everyday life of firms, institutions and users.

    The group’s external growth strategy has helped it expand fast. Econocom foresaw the convergence between IT and telecoms, then the need to offer its clients solutions in financing to help them transform their companies.

    Econocom bought the firm Osiatis in 2013. This helped the group make huge progress in digital services. Econocom puts the user at the heart of digital transformation by offering them technology and solutions they really benefit from.

    Jean-Louis Bouchard studied at the military school Prytanée national militaire in La Flèche, France, and later at the marine engineering school École nationale supérieure du génie maritime. He then became a naval architect. He spearheaded Econocom’s acquisition of Les Abeilles in 2020.

  • Patrick Van Den Berg

    Managing Director

    Patrick van den Berg is Administrative and Financial Managing Director and General Manager for Econocom Netherlands.

    With 23 years of experience in all aspects of senior general and financial management, Patrick was previously co-CEO of Euro Media Group SAS (‘EMG’). He began his career in The Netherlands at PwC in 1998 working in the audit and transaction services practices. Then he joined UBF Media Group in 2005 and moved to France in 2010 following the merger between UBF Media Group and Euromedia Télévision which created EMG.

    At EMG Patrick was focused on the creation of one of the top-3 service providers in the broadcast industry in Europe, realizing many mergers, acquisitions and divestments. In parallel he was driving the strategy, the integration and the leadership team at group level. He also managed the institutional and private shareholder relationships. In a challenging business context, he succeeded in adapting EMG through business transformation. During his 16 years at EMG, he developed himself from CFO to interim CEO and co-CEO.

    In 2022, Patrick joined Econocom focusing initially on Econocom Netherlands, by giving direction to the local strategy and strategy execution. The acceleration of Econocom's organic and external growth in the Netherlands is a strong strategic focus. As such, Patrick successfully led the acquisition of Lydis, a leading audiovisual distribution company, in July 2022. In parallel he is working on the further integration of the Dutch organisation. He will gradually take his role as Administrative and Financial Managing Director during the months to come.

    Patrick is graduated from the Amsterdam and Nyenrode Universities in Business Economics.

  • Angel Benguigui Diaz

    Executive Director

    Angel Benguigui is Econocom’s Executive Managing Director.  

    Angel Benguigui has been working in international environments for thirty-five years, especially in finance and digital technology.

    He began his career at Crédit Lyonnais and Crédit Agricole, then joined Econocom in 2006 as Country Manager for Spain. He developed the financing business line of this subsidiary, as well as its distribution and digital services business lines, largely through an acquisitions policy that proved very successful. Thanks to these developments, Econocom Spain is now recognised as a digital integrator with high added value in the country. 

    He was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2019 after several years on Econocom’s Executive Committee. In 2020, he became the group’s Managing Director. And in January 2022, he was made Executive Managing Director.

    Angel has spearheaded a strong external growth strategy internationally – in line with the group’s aim to double in size by 2030 – with the acquisition of Trams in the UK in 2021, Semic in Spain and Lydis in the Netherlands in 2022. Other M&A projects are underway in Europe.

    Angel Benguigui was schooled at the Lycée français in Madrid. He then studied economics and business at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

    He is fluent in Spanish, French and English.

  • Philippe Goullioud

    Products & Solutions France
    Services France

    Philippe Goullioud is Chairman of Econocom’s Products & Solutions” and “Workplace Infra Innovation” businesses in France.

    He has over thirty years’ experience in managing distribution firms in technological products.

    Philippe began his career in 1989 in a French start-up, where he first worked as Export Manager then as Managing Director. Four years later, he joined the same group’s distribution firm, for which he became Managing Director.

    Philippe joined Econocom Products & Solutions as Managing Director in September 2007. In December 2023, he has been appointed Chairman of the two entities Econocom Products & Solutions (EPS) France and Econocom Workplace Infra Innovation France.

    Since he joined the group, Philippe has constantly developed the company to turn it into one of the leaders in France. He has especially done so by innovating with new software tools to help clients meet challenges in acquiring digital products.

    Regarding the future, he is convinced the company should continue to transform itself to gradually become the leader in sustainable services for products. In this respect, Philippe created and developed the service Product Care in 2017. Product Care is an expert centre dedicated to repairing mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and extending their lifespans. This helps meet clients’ standards in social and environmental responsibility in digital devices. This service centre is now a leading reference in the French market, as was underlined in a visit in July 2022 from Jean-Noël Barrot, France’s deputy minister for digital transition and telecommunications.

    Philippe graduated from IFAG, a management school that specialises in entrepreneurship. He spent his third year of study in the US, partly at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

  • Mathilde Saint-Pol

    Managing Director TMF France

    Mathilde Saint-Pol began her career in field-based sales roles within specialist banking subsidiaries in 1993 before joining the SCC Group in 1999 to contribute to the creation and development of Rigby Capital.

    She then joined ECS, where she supervised refinancing and marketing, in 2006. Following Econocom’s acquisition of ECS in 2010, Mathilde Saint-Pol took responsibility for the group’s refinancing division from 2010 to 2016. In 2014, she launches and leads until 2019 the Econocom Digital France Limited (EDFL) structure within the group’s financing arm (TMF).

    She also co-initiated the launch of the Eco-Ré structure in late 2018. In 2019, she moved to the head of TMF France.

    From end of 2019 to mid-2022, Mathilde Saint-Pol held the position of Chief Operating Officer within Rigby Capital Europe, where she oversaw the transformation of tools. She also led the development of As A Service offerings in France.

    In September 2022, she rejoined Econocom as Deputy Chief Executive Officer with responsibility for central functions and development.

    Mathilde Saint-Pol graduated from SKEMA Business School.

Internal rules (french)
  • Jean-Louis Bouchard

    representative of Econocom International BV
    Founding Chairman
    Executive Director

  • Robert Bouchard

    Non-executive director

  • Angel Benguigui Diaz

    Executive Director

  • Véronique di Benedetto

    Non-executive director

  • Bruno Grossi

    Non-Executive director

  • Jean-Philippe Roesch

    Non-executive director

  • Adeline Challon-Kemoun

    Independent director

  • Marie-Christine Levet

    Independent director

  • Eric Boustouller

    Independent director

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Composition of the Audit Committee

Jean-Philippe Roesch – Chairman
Gaspard Dürrleman
Marie-Christine Levet

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Composition of the Compensation and Nomination Committee

Marie-Christine Levet - Chairman
Robert Bouchard
Adeline Challon-Kemoun

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